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Fund-raising is a major challenge for most groups. Community Consulting Services can help by providing training and technical assistance. Training is usually an interactive workshop focused on skill-building. Technical Assistance is focused on the creation of a finished product, rather than on learning new skills. A third option is to combine the two in order to learn and apply new skills, with the guidance of a consultant.


How to Write a Winning Proposal

Whether it's a $500 proposal "Writing a Winning Proposal" Photo by Keith Emerlingto build a community garden or a $500,000 proposal to launch a community-wide substance abuse prevention coalition, there are certain things a grant reviewer will always look for. Participants in this workshop will learn several general guidelines for writing grants reviewers like to read (and fund!). The grant proposal format most often required by funding organizations is introduced, and participants practice using it. This workshop works best with no more than fifteen participants. Usually 1 ½ - 2 ½ hours.

Technical Assistance

The first three items on the list below are provided as a package, while the last two cost an additional fee.

1) One visit to your group. This may be a board meeting, a rehearsal, etc,.. anything which you feel will give me a good sense of your work. During this visit, you should give me copies of anything that you have in writing about your group that will help me learn more about what you do, and its importance. Examples include brochures, newsletters, programs from past events or performances, schedules of performances, meeting notes, by-laws, articles of incorporation, etc..

2) A grant proposal, in the format most often required by funders, which will be easily adapted for submission. This proposal, generally 4-6 pages in length, will be presented to you on hard copy and on computer disk.

3) One follow-up meeting with group leaders to review and revise proposal. One revision will be included in the initial package. Further revisions may be provided for an additional fee.

4) A cover letter which can be adapted for submission with your proposal.

5) List of potential funders with contact names and numbers.

Combining Training with Technical Assistance
How to Write a Winning Proposal Workshop (2 ½ hour training described above), during which you outline your group's proposal. One proof-reading revision will be provided by the consultant.

Call (413) 464-1804 for details and special requests

Photo Credit: Keith Emerling, Photography