Wendy Jill Krom
45 Willow Lane
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Starting a Peer Education Group
at Your School

Communication skills including active listening, public speaking and leading discussions are taught. Conflict resolution skills are demonstrated through role play. Information and skill-building are included on topics such as diversity issues and prevention of teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, alcohol, tobacco and other drug abuse, and violence. Usually two 5-hour sessions.

* For neighborhood group start-up, see Organizing Skills for the six-week series, Learn to Organize Your Neighborhood.

How to Write a Winning Proposal

Whether it's a $500 proposal to build a community garden or a $500,000 proposal to launch a community-wide substance abuse prevention coalition, there are certain qualities a grant reviewer will always look for. Participants learn several general guidelines for writing grants reviewers like to read (and fund!). The proposal format most often required by funding organizations is introduced, and participants practice using it. Usually 1 ½ - 2 ½ hours.

Helping Your Group Raise Funds

Fundraising is a major challenge for most groups. Community Consulting Services can help by providing training and technical assistance. By choosing this option, your group members can learn and apply new skills with the guidance of a consultant. The 2 ½ hour workshop described above is the core of this option. During the workshop, your group members outline an actual grant proposal and develop a plan for its completion. One proofreading revision will be provided by the consultant at no additional charge.