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Center for Healthy Communities

All across the state, people are working together in exciting ways to build healthy individuals, families, and communities. More and more, people are becoming involved in efforts to promote health and to prevent alcohol and other drug abuse problems, tobacco use, injuries, violence, HIV infection, sexually transmitted diseases, unintended pregnancy, and chronic diseases. The Prevention Center offices services and an extensive resource library to community members working on these issues.

Massachusetts Partnership for Healthy Communities
a program of The Medical Foundation
The Partnership develops and strengthens statewide coalitions through the MassForum, a series of training provided to coalitions throughout the state to create and sustain healthy communities in Massachusetts.

The Medical Foundation also houses several other programs that may be of interest to you.

Greater Boston Center for Healthy Communities
a program of The Medical Foundation
GBCHC provide trained staff to support community health planning, evaluation, and help to access resources to support coalitions and community groups in the Greater Boston area. The Center assists groups in identifying health priorities and designing new initiatives to meet the communities' health concerns.

Massachusetts Substance Abuse Information and Education Helpline a project of The Medical Foundation
The Helpline maintains a current list of substance abuse and disaster support providers.

The Massachusetts Health Promotion Clearinghouse provides free health promotion materials for Massachusetts residents and health and social service providers in the Commonwealth.


Northeast Center for the Application of Prevention Technologies

The Northeast CAPT's mission is to support the application of science-based substance abuse prevention programs and strategies at the local, state and regional levels. In additions, the CAPT promotes collaboration between and within each level.


Joint Together Online

Joint Together is a national resource for communities fighting substance abuse and gun violence. A project of Boston University School of Public Health, JTO is funded by grants from the Robert Wood Johnson and Joyce Foundations.


Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America

CADCA is the premier membership organization of over 5,000 community coalitions nationwide, each fighting the problems associated with substance abuse and violence - one community at a time.

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Center for the Prevention of School Violence

The Center for the Prevention of School Violence's Safe Schools Pyramid reflects the Center's view that schools must be comprehensive yet individual in their approaches to solving the problem of school violence. The programs and strategies are student focused.


Pacific Center for Violence Prevention

The Pacific Center works to prevent youth violence in California.


Prevent Violence Initiative

In late 1996, a diverse coalition of local leadership came together to create the Phoenix (AZ) Violence Prevention Initiative. The goal is to develop the strategies that would form the area's first comprehensive violence prevention strategy. Work Groups created were prenatal/early childhood; families, individual youth; schools; and neighborhoods/communities.

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Associated Grantmakers of Massachusetts

AGM is a regional association of grantmakers promoting effective philanthropy. They serve as a convener, a hub for information exchange, networking, collaboration, issue and professional development.


Foundation Center

Search the annotated links to private foundations, by subject or geographic keyword, on the Foundation Center's website.


Council on Foundations

This is a nonprofit membership association of grantmaking foundations and corporations. The Council on Foundations works to support foundations by promoting knowledge, growth and action in philanthropy See what role foundations play in your community, how to start your own foundation and what the Council does to support foundations.


Western Massachusetts Funding Resource Center

The Funding Resource Center is a training center and library dedicated to helping nonprofit organizations and individuals obtain funding. As a Cooperating Collection of the Foundation Center, the WMFRC offers workshops, technical assistance and a reference collection of directories on fundraising and organizational development.


Chronicle of Philanthropy

The Chronicle of Philanthropy is the newspaper of the nonprofit world. Published every other week, it is the No. 1 news source for charity leaders, fund raisers, grant makers, and other people involved in the philanthropic enterprise.


Grantsmanship Center

TGCI, founded in 1972, offers grantsmanship training and low-cost publication to nonprofit organizations and government agencies.


The Community Resource Institute

CRI provides a directory of community resources on the internet.

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Center for Campus Organizing

CCO is a national organization founded in 1995 to support progressive and social justice activism and investigative journalism on campuses nationwide. Students and faculty have always played critical roles in larger social movements for social justice in our society. CCO has a deep commitment to making various student social justice movements as strong as possible.


Grassroots.com is creating the Internet's premier political action site for citizens and their representatives in an effort to reconnect all Americans with their political system in an open, nonpartisan online community.


Midwest Academy

The Midwest Academy offers five day training sessions for leaders and staff of citizens and community groups. The Academy is one of the nation's oldest and best known schools for individuals, community and citizen organizations committed to progressive social change.

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Neighborhoods USA

NUSA is a national nonprofit organization created in 1975 committed to building and strengthening neighborhood organizations. NUSA is dedicated to developing partnerships between neighborhoods, local government and public/private agencies.


Center for Neighborhood Technology

CNT is a non-profit organization that helps build prosperous, sustainable communities by linking economic and community development with ecological improvement. The Center's work in public policy, market development and community planning is grounded in the Chicago region and national in scope.


South East Area Coalition

For over 30 years, the SEAC has helped maintain the southeast quadrant of the City of Rochester, NY as a fine place to work, live and play. Our staff is committed to helping individuals, groups and businesses solve problems related to housing, crime, human services and other neighborhood or quality of life conditions.

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Search Institute

The mission of the Search Institute is to advance the well-being of children and adolescents by generating knowledge and promoting its application. The Institute offers practical resources, in-depth reports and school and community trainings to help support the healthy development of young people.


Project Reach Youth

PRY, Inc. is a community-based organization founded in 1968 that provides education, counseling, and youth leadership development programs to help low-income children and youth advance in knowledge and skills, gain respect for themselves and others, and grow towards responsible adulthood.


Leadership Workshop Foundation

LWF, in partnership with communities, businesses, schools and parents, provides vision, leadership and opportunities for youth to participate in the improvement of the human condition through volunteer opportunities, community service projects, and youth mentoring youth. The mission of LWF is to inspire and challenge young people to care about community and themselves.


Coalition of Community Foundations for Youth

Strengthening the leadership capacity of community foundations to improve the lives of children, youth, and families.



YOUTH TODAY is the only independent, national newspaper geared to people who work with young people. It includes an extensive calendar of workshops and conferences related to professional development and youth issues, reviews of books and videos for use with staff and young people, grants awarded in the youth field, analysis of legislative issues concerning youth and much more.



National Network for Youth

Symposium 2003: "Celebrating the Spirit of Youth in a Time of Challenge" Sponsored by the National Network for Youth
February 9 - 11, 2003 - Washington D.C. - Grand Hyatt Hotel
To register, please call 918-660-3700.
You can not afford to miss this conference!

-Discover how to sustain you organization in these turbulent times
-Learn & exchange ideas and best practices with others in the youthwork field
-Stay up to date on trends and issues in the field of youthwork
-Develop an invaluable network of contacts

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New England Network for Child, Youth and Family Services

The New England Network exists to educate and mobilize social agencies to better meet the needs of our must vulnerable citizens - children and youth at risk. Consultation and training services are designed to help local, state and regional non-profit and public agencies resolve organizational challenges, enhance effectiveness, optimize efficiency, and respond strategically to community needs and opportunities.


The Prevention Think Tank

PTT, founded in 1997, is devoted to personal and professional development for prevention professionals and advocates through traditional and high technology methods. Our vision is that when people from multiple disciplines of prevention fuse their ideas and creativity, the powerful results can and will change our communities.


The National Association for Community Leadership

NACL is a non-profit organization, founded in 1979, dedicated to nurturing leadership in communities throughout the United States and internationally. Their mission is to strengthen and transform communities by enhancing the capacity of inclusive, community leadership development efforts.


National Community Building Network

NCBN is an alliance of individuals and organizations that work to reduce poverty and create social and economic opportunity through comprehensive community building strategies.


National SAFEKIDS Coalition

The campaign's mission is to prevent the number one killer of children - unintentional injury. By working at a national level through grassroots coalitions, we educate adults and children, provide safety devices to families in need and pass and strengthen laws to empower families and communities to protect children ages 14 and under.

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Play Reflections

Playshops for the kid in everyone.


Millie Calesky

Personal and professional coach.


Northern Berkshire Community Coalition

Organizing people and resources to improve the quality of life in northern Berkshire.


Shawenon Center

Helping organizations accomplish the extraordinary through harmony of vision and commitment to action.



Berkshire Entrepreneurs Network

Small business professionals in the Berkshires of Massachusetts.