Wendy Jill Krom
45 Willow Lane
Cheshire, MA 01225

Maintaining Balance in our Life and Work

Balanced Leadership Theory will help participants discover for themselves how they can best regain their equilibrium when they begin to feel unbalanced in their leadership style. What does it mean to have a "good day"? Setting goals for each of the roles we play in our life-work will be explored as a strategy to make each day better. As an option, stress reduction techniques, such as creative visualization, simple breathing exercises, meditation, or yoga, can be included. 1 - 3 hours.

Right Question Project: How to Ask the Right Questions to Advocate

The Right Question Project was originally designed as a curriculum to help parents develop the skills needed to support, monitor and advocate for their children's education. This workshop will illustrate a question formulation technique which will advance participants' critical thinking skills and build their confidence to advocate for their own and their family's needs. Usually 1-hour.

Social Justice Issues – What Can I Do?

This empowering workshop will explore the dynamics of oppression with a focus on ways that each of us can make a difference.

Please call (413) 464-1804 with "special requests."