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Dan meditating outdoorsPersonal & Professional Retreats

For decades, I have gone on personal, professional and spiritual retreats as a way to stay in touch with my values, ensure I’m headed in the direction I intend, and re-prioritize what I want next.  I return with a renewed sense of purpose, rejuvenated spirit, and inspired momentum.  Professionally, I’ve facilitated strategic planning processes that include governing Board Retreats, focus groups, and 1:1 conversations. In these challenging times, I now offer customized guided retreat experiences for groups or individuals.


  • Develop clarity around what you’d like to achieve.
  • Create a clear plan for moving forward.
  • Tactics and techniques may include visualization, journaling, meditation, creative processes.

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Life Balance Mentoring—1:1 Consulting

Offering Support:

  • To balance life/work priorities
  • To set and achieve realistic goals
  • To begin or sustain a meditation practice

Are there some things in your life that you’d really like to prioritize, but it’s been hard to “get around to it?” Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a reminder to breathe every now and then? Life can get out of balance, and we can feel when it’s happening.

By working with a Life Balance Mentor, you’ll have someone in your corner! It may be as simple as providing a “sounding board” for you to talk things through; support and guidance in setting realistic goals and moving forward toward them; or an “accountability partner” as you begin to create new healthy habits like sustaining a meditation practice, or getting more exercise.

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