Life Balance Mentoring

A stack of rocks balanced on each other in shallow waterOffering Support:

  • To balance life/work priorities
  • To set and achieve realistic goals
  • To begin or sustain a meditation practice

Are there some things in your life that you’d really like to prioritize, but it’s been hard to “get around to it?” Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a reminder to breathe every now and then? Life can get out of balance, and we can feel when it’s happening.

By working with a Life Balance Mentor, you’ll have someone in your corner! It may be as simple as providing a “sounding board” for you to talk things through; support and guidance in setting realistic goals and moving forward toward them; or an “accountability partner” as you begin to create new healthy habits like sustaining a meditation practice, or getting more exercise.

Fee Structure

It’s important to me that no one be turned away for inability to pay the full cost. The amounts listed in the sliding scale fee structure below are suggestions. You may pay any amount that fits your financial situation.

Life Balance Mentoring Fee Structure

(based on 1-hour-long sessions via Zoom)

  • $75 Supported Fee: for those with limited financial resources or recent financial hardship.
  • $100 Standard Fee: for those who can cover the basic cost.
  • $125 Benefactor: for those who can afford it, this fee helps provide support for others with limited financial resources. Please be in touch for more information.

Take the First Step

Whatever your goals are, let’s do it together! Fill out the form below, and let’s get started!

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