“Wendy has an open heart which allows her to hear what others are saying. She also has the ability to obtain resources to help people turn their dreams into reality.”

–Kathy Schwab, business owner

“Tremendously motivational. A truly great facilitator.”

–Bill Leach, neighborhood resident

“You make people feel welcome and that their opinion matters. You’re especially effective [with youth groups] because you make sure everyone understands and is part of the process.”

–Allison Buck, high school senior

“When you were with us, we worked as a unit. We got a lot of things done. Our neighborhood plan had a bit of what everyone wanted. You made sure the people had a voice in it.”

–Mrs. Mary Taylor, neighborhood activist

“You instilled a lot of energy into the work, and your sense of humor always made things fun.”

–Don Roe, director of planning, City of St. Louis, MO

Our Clients

Here are some of Community Consulting Services’ clients:

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